On January 10, World Hindi Day is marked to mark the anniversary of the first World Hindi Conference that took place in 1975 in Nagpur, Maharashtra. The then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, had opened the conference. In Indian Culture Center we have celebrated it in the Calabria 66 auditorium in Barcelona, ​​due to sanitary measures the act has had a very small public capacity. The event, presented by Kandarp Mehta, began with the reading of a summary of the speech given on this day by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Parliaments and poems in the Hindi language followed by Pawan Kumar, Neha Masih and Svetlana Fomina. The live music came from the hand of Shreevats Iyer, with a song in which the audience was able to participate. Then the stage was filled with magic with the classical dances of India, Kathak with Núria Cabo and Bharatanatyam with Dhwani Mehta. The words of Robert Masih Nahar, founder of Indian Culture Center, put an end to the celebration of the World Hindi Day of 2021, organized by ICC.




World Hindi Day 2021